Overview of the Mission Monarch process

Accepting your mission

1. Getting ready

Read up on how to participate in Mission Monarch. Learn how to recognize the milkweed species in your area and the monarch life cycle. Familiarize yourself with the instructions you’ll need to follow in the field, and find all the tools you’ll be using during your mission.

2. Choose your inventory site

Where might you be able to inventory monarch eggs and caterpillars? Learn how to find and recognize suitable monarch habitats.

3. Count the monarch eggs and caterpillars

This is the heart of your mission – and the most fun! Read the instructions, and download the data collection sheets you need to take with you.

4. Submit your data

Once you get back home, share your findings with the Mission Monarch researchers and other participants.

5. Further reading

Learn more about monarch biology, other related scientific projects and the other species you might see in their habitat. This section contains all kinds of interesting information and activities!

Participate in the mission