More on the Research Project


Given the disturbing decline in North American monarch populations, Canada has committed to protecting these butterflies’ summer breeding grounds, as a way of maximizing their reproductive success. There is not enough scientific knowledge available, however, to come up with an effective conservation plan. That’s where Mission Monarch fits in!

In order to protect monarch habitats, we have to know where to find them. Mission Monarch is calling on Canadians to help out. People from all over who care about monarchs are being asked to look for milkweed and monarch caterpillars in the field.

In addition to helping advance scientific knowledge, Mission Monarch will teach Canadians and make them aware of the monarch cause. The project is a way for citizens to be part of the solution.

We also invite you to sign the David Suzuki Foundation’s Monarch Manifesto.


Mission Monarch
Danaus plexippus