Monarchs need you!

There are two migratory monarch populations in Canada, separated by the Rocky Mountains. The western population can be seen in British Columbia and Alberta in the summer, and migrates all the way to California to overwinter. On the other side of the Rockies, the eastern population makes one of the world’s most impressive animal migrations, flying more than 4,000 km in the fall to reach its wintering sites in central Mexico.

North American migratory monarch populations have declined dramatically in recent years, to the point that there are now fears for their survival. Such factors as habitat loss, the massive use of pesticides and herbicides and climate change seem to be responsible, at least in part, for this disturbing decline.

To protect these populations and their unique migration, we need to collect data on their breeding habitats. But it’s tremendously difficult to track and observe these insects that cover thousands of kilometres and visit three different countries in just a few months. That’s where you come in!

Mission Monarch is a network of citizen scientists committed to helping monarchs. Across the country, people everywhere are heading outdoors to hunt for eggs and caterpillars, and sharing their finds with the program researchers.

Join Mission Monarch, and be part of the solution!

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