Time to celebrate!

André-Philippe Drapeau Picard: Friday, December 15, 2017

By Daphné Laurier Montpetit
Coordinator of the Mission Monarch project

With the holidays approaching, we can only raise our glasses to the participants of Mission Monarch! For this second year of existence, the project has exceeded expectations.
Dear citizen scientists, here’s to you!

2017 overview

Many of you have mobilized for the monarch. This year alone, you have conducted more than 1000 missions on 423 different locations. A total of 31,519 milkweeds were scanned for monarchs. These figures represent more than double (and sometimes triple) of last year’s results.

And the monarchs were there! We count 882 mentions of caterpillars and 2443 mentions of adults. Although some identifications remain to be confirmed, we can say that this summer was rich in monarchs! Hopefully, this trend will be confirmed in the official annual count, to come early in 2018.

Heads of Mission

Another good news reinforces our pride, at the end of this year. In July, we launched, for the first time, a Head of mission training tour in Ontario. More than 100 participants attended a two-hour workshop to learn how to organize group missions in their area.

The tour was a success, and will definitely be back next year. If you are interested in taking this free training, email us!
We have a lot to celebrate at the end of the year, before we start again in a new season, and we thank you!

We wish all of our participants a wonderful holiday season and a great new year. We look forward to seeing you in 2018, for a new year, filled with milkweed!
Happy Holidays!

The Mission Monarch Team