Identifications sheets and forms

In the field, you will need:

  1. the field observation form;
  2. pencils and a hard surface to write on, and
  3. sunscreen and a bottle of water!

To facilitate observation, you may also bring:

    1. a magnifying glass;
    2. monarch and milkweed identification sheets;
    3. the commonly confused species identification sheet;
    4. the milkweed community identification sheet;
    5. a notebook to compile observations and questions, and
    6. a camera! You can validate your observations and share them in the photo gallery on the website.

Remember to wear closed shoes and long pants.

What if it rains?

Rain doesn’t have to keep you from going out, if you feel like it. Caterpillars will be there, rain or shine! If it is raining on the day of your excursion, you will find a raincoat, boots and a large plastic bag (to protect your data collection sheets) handy. Of course, you can always postpone your outing to the next day if the weather is really unpleasant.