A mission easily fixed


It has almost been two months since we first launched Mission Monarch. Many of you answered the call, shared the news and accepted the mission. Your participation is precious, and not only for monarchs!
Any new project needs perfecting, at first, and Mission Monarch is no exception. Thanks to your comments and ideas, we can improve the project as we go. In the past weeks, we listened to your concerns, and can now offer a better protocol.

Let’s keep it simple!

The milkweed abundance evaluation step is now a lot simpler. At first, we chose the quadrat method because of its scientific accuracy. However, many of you shared your doubts about this step. The protocol was complicated and didn’t apply to certain situations. We heard you! We started right away to think of a simpler -but still scientifically accurate – protocol.

How to estimate milkweed abundance?

During your first trip on the field, count, if you can, all the milkweed stems on your site. If there are too many to count, estimate the total number and note if there are:

  • Between 51 and 100 milkweed plants
  • Between 100 and 200 milkweed plants
  • More than 200 milkweed plants

It’s as simple as that! Keep on sending us comments; with your help, we can make Mission Monarch a success, day after day!